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How does climate change literature fit into my research?

Often in my professional and academic work, I have stumbled upon articles and research papers, even books  (Mark Pelling Adaptation to Climate change: from resilience to transformation) which describe in detail the recent research on adaptation and mitigation efforts to counter climate change in the global environment. Reading one particular article while writing a book chapter on environment justice and resilience interfaces, I came across the work of Neil Adger from Tyndal University who writes and researches in climate change adaptation policy and action.
Although there are many global efforts stemming from economic and political standpoints (UNFCCC etc) at adapting to and mitigating the impacts of global environment change, Adger (2001) writes that efforts are often at the individual level, as spontaneous reactions to  changing circumstances to resource use or economic constraints or opportunities. How climate change affects all the various sectors that humanitarian action revolves around, and how intricately is climate change adaptation efforts centred around the global and sustainable development efforts are the major contentious debates which have left more questions unanswered than unravelling the mystique of these various silos.

From my perspective, and so from many others, resilience discourse and thinking, and attempts to operationalize resilience have directed their efforts to break down these silos of development, climate change adaptation, emergency and humanitarian action, conflict management and disaster risk reduction (Refer to ODI working papers by Katie Harris, Tome Mitchell, and Manyena et al, 2012 etc). Focussing on the community level actions and changes to understand recovery and resilience, I try to understand how impacts of climate change have variously altered lives at the community levels.

If anyone reading these has any ideas, thoughts or arguments, look forward to hearing from you.


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