About me..

My doctoral research investigates water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) systems and practices during post-disaster recovery. I have used  case studies from Eastern India to study relationships between households, communities, humanitarian agencies and government institutions and  changes in WaSH post disasters. The multi-sited case studies included Assam floods, 2012 and Odisha Cyclone Phailin and floods, 2013. I am interested in  recurring disaster impacts, systems thinking and resilience in humanitarian operations. I work as a Teaching Assistant on the Integrated Engineering Programme, with the Engineering Faculty, and worked on Development and Planning Module in the The Bartlett, Development Planning Unit in UCL (2014-15). I have worked with Christian Aid, recently during the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, and also RedR India, UNICEF, and Oxfam India.

My hobbies include travel, photography, reading and films not necessarily in that order.

You can follow me:

Twitter: @snek87

Academia: Sneha Krishnan

Researchgate: Sneha Krishnan



One response to “About me..

  1. h krishnan

    How true.All programs come out with statistics.People take it with a pinch of salt. but is there a way out? Ultimately every one gauges others work on the basis of whatever statistics is revealed.Hope, the people who implement the projects put their heart in finding the solution ,and get satisfaction from the end result.

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