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Want to find out about humanitarian consortia? Read on

Donors are increasingly funding INGOs under the consortia model for humanitarian response, in India and across the globe. I have recently published an article with Environment and Urbanisation describing the successes and challenges in this coordination model in the case of Assam floods, 2012-13 and Cyclone Phailin, Odisha 2013.
Abstract :
Humanitarian agencies are increasingly forming consortia to improve collaborative efforts to deliver aid to disaster-affected populations. However, there is little evidence on the effectiveness of consortia as a coordination mechanism. This paper describes the consortia efforts, actions and approaches used during the 2012 Assam floods and 2013’s Cyclone Phailin in Odisha. The data were gathered using semi-structured interviews with key informants from agencies involved in Assam and Odisha response programmes. They indicate that the consortium approach was useful as a space for learning, collaboration, and increasing outreach and funding. This paper makes the case for better roles for local NGOs in furthering these partnerships and reflecting dynamic community needs and aspirations during recovery. Consortia approaches can be improved through preparation and collaboration for quick and effective response. Further evidence on agency motivations, mutual interests and organizational capacities is required for advancing consortia as an effective coordination mechanism.

If you are interested in reading it click here:
If you are a practitioner and want to read it anyways, write to me and I can send you a softcopy.


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