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A blog article on TOI talks of water atlast. Pick any paper today and carefully weed out the attention paid by the media, public on lack of water supply, basic sanitation facilities, basic electricity and many such services and you end up wasting very little time. Issues that matter most are paid the least attention these days.

In such a scenario indeed the following does refer to a passing mention to 50,000 children deaths in Uttar Pradesh over the past 35 years, and the critical importance of water wars waged by damming of Brahmaputra by the Chinese leading to crises in economically poor nations India and Bangladesh. No mention is however made of water-related impacts on child health, education, nutrition for example. Water seems to be seen increasingly just another commodity in most analyses.

Where is the cutting edge analysis that was once a major backbone of media and publishing houses. Without delving into the roots of the problems and of course providing worthwhile solutions, do however fancy a read to acquaint yourself over some ‘incomplete’ facts and figures.

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